What’s a new year without stampeding through unsuspecting bargain hunters in the discount aisles? Not much! Which is why the Captain has arranged for you to get a whole slew of great deals sent directly to your inbox this month.

But it doesn’t stop there! Starting from 9/1 there will be a dedicated January Sales category in the casino where all games will be running at Double Speed until 31/1. Crush it in the casino and Wheel of Rizk rewards will be flying off the shelves!

Week 1, starting 9/1: Zen Den – Don’t expect to relax in candle light and incense. You’ll be rocking towards nirvana at Double Speed!

Week 2, starting 15/1: Island Hopping – Hop from island to island at Double Speed and reap the rewards from the Wheel of Rizk!

Week 3, starting 22/1

Esko Rissanen

Head of Affiliates

Chloe Borg

Affiliate Manager

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